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Here is a link to download the first chapters of “Behold the Cryptopreneurs.

But don’t you want the whole enchilada?

After all, if you’re really serious about becoming a true cryptopreneur, why would you decide to skip the meat and potatoes and only try the appetizer?

Here are the links to the bookstores where you can purchase the book:

Remember, here’s what you’ll learn…

  • What is a cryptopreneur and why they are the last great hope for the blockchain industry.
  • Why most blockchain projects fail, and what you can do to beat the odds.
  • How the Mark Zuckerberg myth is threatening the future of cryptocurrency.
  • How to avoid falling into the post apocalyptic garbage heap.
  • How to avoid the most dangerous pick pockets of all, and how they aren’t who you think they are!
  • How to avoid becoming a cancerous rot that eats the soul out of your project before it ever gets a chance to flourish.
  • The 9 essential steps you must do before you raise money for your project.
  • Why your boring uncle Vince might be the key to the survival of your project.
  • How to convert your tokens into profit-spewing money machines.
  • Why Disney got it all wrong with regards to the blockchain industry.
  • The 12 pillars of marketing a blockchain project – miss this at your own peril!
  • Why ICOs are dead, but blockchain fundraising is alive and well.
  • How you can vaccinate your project against scammers and nasty market manipulators.
  • The easiest way ever invented to make sure your project succeeds while all the rest go to hell.

But don’t bother to buy the book, if…

  • You aren’t a serious entrepreneur interested in building a successful blockchain project.
  • You aren’t in this for the long-term. No tire kickers or token speculators, please.
  • You don’t truly want to learn what it takes to build viable, sustainable blockchain business.
  • You are not open to hearing the hard truths. If you’re squeamish or easily get offended, this probably isn’t for you.
  • You don’t truly believe in the potential of the blockchain to transform society. 



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